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Wire Tool Sock - (20mm/20cm, 30mm/30cm & 40mm/40cm)

Wire Tool Socks – WTS-20, WTS30 & WTS-40
• Ultra convenient, expandable, flexible mesh grip sock for holding heavy duty tools, reduce grip abrasion with Silicone Tape
• Similar to a “Chinese finger trap”, these socks easily slide onto tools yet provide a super strong grip on the tool when pulled with tension
• Each Tool sock has a swivel connection to avoid tangles
• Mesh Material: Stainless steel
• Weight: 15 grams
• Diameter: 20mm
• Length: 20cm
• Weight: 20 grams
• Diameter: 20mm
• Length: 30cm
• Weight: 25 grams
• Diameter: 20mm
• Length: 40cm


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