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chain assemblies & parts

Grade 80(T) and Grade 100(V) Chain Sling Assemblies are supplied in single leg, two leg, three leg or four leg configurations for industrial lifting applications that require lifting solutions that are strong, versatile, as light as possible and designed for heavy lifting needs, (Grade 100 (V) providing a higher lifting capacity, as per provided WLL Charts). All Chain Sling Assemblies are designed and supplied in full consultation with our clients working application needs. If your application requires a specific length or fitting for suitability of service, we assemble the Chain Sling to suit.

All chain sling assemblies are manufactured, tested, supplied and certified to AS3775.1 with components that are manufactured to the highest standards and certified and tested to meet all relevant Australian Standards, (AS 2321, AS 3776, AS 3775.1). A WLL safety tag is attached to the assembly with a serial Number for tracing and follow up testing to meet AS 3775.2 requirements.

Please refer to the appropriate WLL charts on our site as a guide in determining the specifications you will require, based on the configuration of intended use for the Assembly, to meet the safe WLL for your Chain Sling Assembly per AS 3775.1.

G100 Chain Sling Specs.JPG

In accordance with AS 3775.2 all Chain Sling Assemblies should be maintained with the following considerations applied for their continued use: -

  • Chain Sling Assemblies should be stored in a clean, dry, place. They should be lightly oil before prolonged storage. Never heat treat the assembly, (all components have been already treated, as appropriate).

  • Always inspect the Chain sling before use – do not use if there is evident damage or excessive wear.

  • Regular inspection and testing is essential to meet compliance and a safe operation for each Chain Sling Assembly, with each being inspected for signs of wear, deformation or damage and a record maintained. Any defect found while in use should be clearly marked and the assembly removed from service until repaired and re-certified or replaced.

Lifting Inspection Services (Hunter & NSW) Pty Ltd provide full inspection, repair and certification services to ensure your Chain Sling Assemblies meet all relevant AS 3775 Sections 1 & 2 and to keep your organisation compliant at all times. Ask for information on how we can provide this service to meet your operating environment.

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