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synthetic slings

When flexibility, versatility and a lighter handling option is required for lifting items, (such as poles, pipes, roofing sheets, stone, bundles of timber, fibreglass and any items that can’t be scratched, dented or significantly marked), synthetic slings are your best option for lifting. Coming in ranges of safe Working Load Limits (WLL) and lengths, you can find a Sling to suit your needs from our available ranges. These Slings are commonly used at building and construction sites, engineering workshops, factory production workshops, mine workshops and marine sites.

Synthetic Slings are supplied by LIS in 2 options – Flat Web Slings and Round Slings. Both options are manufactured from quality, tested and certified, reinforced, polyester and are designed to be fit for purpose, durable and meet all relevant Australian Standards. If you have any questions about which option would be best for your application please ask and we will be happy to assist with our years of experience in solving lifting needs for our clients.

Please refer to the WLL charts shown on our web site, (provided as references to the Australian Standard, applicable to each sling option), for the safe WLL tonnage, under tension, that will be applicable for the mode of connection and nature of the load, as this can affect the relevant WLL.

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