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Ladder Gutter BRAQ-IT

The LINQ Ladder Gutter BRAQ-IT has multi-positional slide
brackets to fit most rung ladders. The LINQ fit and forget design
becomes integral to the ladder it is attached to.

• Comes with I.D plate with Batch and Date of Manufacture for
ease of traceability.
• Durable powder coated finish.
• Fit and forget attachment once adjusted into place.
• Seamlessly integrates into most ladder rungs, providing
enduring support.
• Protects gutter profile with integrated rubber lining.
• Adjustable wing and clamp makes it versatile to use
on most ladders.
• Ensures safety of user on and off the ladder.
• AUS/NZ Designed and Engineered.
• Adjusts up to 475mm wide.


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