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Shackle Frogmouth Safety Bow

G80 Frogmouth Safety Pin Bow Shackles are made with a wider mouth over its Grade S counterpart.
These can be used for lifting applications were a wider width is needed over common shackles, providing more permanent connections to Chain Slings, Synthetic Slings, Wire Rope and other rated fittings within Civil, Marine, Agricultural, Mining and Engineering Industries. Suitable for equipment that may vibrate to ensure the pin will not dislodge during use. The Safety Pin allows the pin the rotate during loading conditions.

• Conforms to AS2741 manufactured from Grade 80 material in Bow configuration with Safety Pin hot dipped galvanized. Marked with work load limit in Tonnes, Quality Grade, Batch Numbered, Nominal Size in millimetres and Supplier identification on the bow as well as the Load Pin.
• Proof tested to 2 x work load limit, with a minimum break force of 6 x work load limit.
• Test Certificates available upon request.
• Suitable for lifting applications.

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